Every performance, all day and night - $10        

Children 5 and under - FREE                

Programs $3

We will accept Credit Cards for admission ONLY! We are not equipped to accept credit cards at our food points of sale throughout the building.  So, feel free to bring your card, but bring some cash along as well! Our food selection is outstanding! We do have ATM access in the building.

DVD Sales

Due to the onerous licensing costs associated with selling DVDs, as well as the recent aggressive legal pursuit of potential copyright violators by third party licensing entities, Raise The Roof is unable to offer DVDs for sale to the public.  We simply can not handle the significant cost and administrative burden that comes with ensuring full synchronization license compliance by all of our performing groups.  Each director will be provided with an archive video copy of their performance, which is permissible under current copyright law.

The legal environment for school music directors and arrangers regarding permissible use of copyrighted materials is currently very contentious. Schools, parent booster groups, directors, arrangers, and state music associations are being threatened or even sued over these issues. While artists and owners of creative works are entitled to be paid for their work, the current situation feels much more like a shake down of school based programs struggling to provide opportunities for kids than it does an attempt to properly compensate rights holders.


Many people ask how they can help music programs in our schools. One thing that may help is to contact your federal law makers and ask for a legislative solution to the copyright issues that are handcuffing school music programs and their budgets.  There is a better balance that allows artists to be paid for their work and allows the next generation of performing artists to learn their crafts in a creative and affordable environment.


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